Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend. Our kids were home and it was nice to have a full house once again. It’s amazing how quickly a weekend can pass; it’s amazing how quickly time passes. The children continue to get older as Eileen and I do. Even Lindsay is six months old already. It seems like only hours ago that the kids began arriving on Thursday night but already our son, his wife, and Lindsay have headed home today (Sunday). Monday morning, our daughter will head home too. Although I always look forward to them coming, I never look forward to their leaving. It’s seems harder to watch them go each time. Yet, they have their own lives to live. After all, that’s the way we raised them…to chase their own dreams that a free and blessed nation offers them. Eileen and I are not the kind of parents that push their kids out of the house at a certain age because we have grown tired of them. We have urged them along in their own time, for their own good, for their own pursuits. We enjoyed raising them and we enjoy their visits. We have one more child to go. Even so, time marches on and she’ll leave the nest all too soon. I think that having cancer makes me more sensitive to the ticks of the clock. I’m still struggling to get my mind around Eileen’s comment of living into my nineties, but that is because I’ve been feeling rather rough lately and needing to hit the meds a little harder. Anyway, we had a great time this weekend even if time rapidly marches on.

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