Friday, April 22, 2011


In the most recent motion picture of Star Trek, there is a scene where the old Spock says to the young Kirk: “…I can tell you I am emotionally compromised.” Spock had just witnessed the destruction of his planet. In our own lives, there are many times that we are emotionally compromised or emotionally vulnerable. It’s not just when something upsetting occurs. It happens every time that we have to do something we don’t want. On one hand we know what we must do, but on the other hand, it hurts and we seek to be disconnected from it. Nevertheless, do it we must. Leadership roles usually have elements of being emotionally compromised. We, therefore, must be very focused on the objective or outcome we are trying to achieve whether that is in raising a child or leading people. How do we keep from becoming too emotionally attached to our feelings while making decisions or leading others? We must remain centered on what is right, not on what we want to be right or on what makes us instantly gratified. Otherwise, being emotionally compromised will lead to poor decisions. Strong family and career leaders aren’t those who are never emotionally compromised. Instead, they are people who don’t let their emotions compromise what is Right.