Friday, April 29, 2011


I thank you for your patience in reading my blog. I realize that the posts of the past week are more about me than usual. It’s hard to be very introspective when the neurons don’t seem to be firing too well. We’ll just chalk it up to the fog of a pharmaceutical war going on in my body. I have these dreadful days periodically when I’m rather sick and have difficulty getting my bearing. However, this past week was the first time in a long time that it stuck with me so consistently. I’ve been in a bit of a tizzy about it because we were having the whole family together for Easter and I wanted to feel good. Not only that, but I’m in Illinois right now having made the trip yesterday. I wrote this blog ahead of time so I can’t tell you how I did. That will have to wait until I get back. Nevertheless, I am glad that I was feeling stronger before we left. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be much help driving. Next Thursday is when I leave for Arizona. More about that tomorrow.

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