Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For those who started reading one chapter per day in the Bible with me, we are now in the Book of Amos. If you did not start with us, I encourage you to start with one chapter per day, every day. It’s important to commit to every day or it will be like most projects we start and never finish. If you miss one day, then double up on the next day. It is important to not let your head hit the pillow without reading the one chapter. You may think that it will take forever to get through the Bible at one chapter a day. Well, it does take a while at this pace but those who started with me are almost finished with the Old Testament. How far have you gotten with your way?! If you are like most, you’ve read a few chapters for a given period and then the next thing you know it has been years since you’ve read the Bible at all. Reading a chapter a day keeps us taking a faith step each day with minimal effort. Best of all, this minimal effort will change you inch by inch toward being an even better person. So, leave reading multiple chapters a day until you feel called to it. Until then begin the journey of one chapter per day, every day. Inch-by-inch it’s a cinch; yard by yard it’s hard!!

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