Thursday, April 21, 2011


We enjoy watching our granddaughter via the live video feed from the computer. The program we use is Skype. For the times we aren’t with Lindsay, it’s been fascinating to watch her grow on camera. Her latest epic feat is crawling. I especially like to watch her lock-in on something across the floor and then crawl over and through whatever is in her way to retrieve the object she wants. I can see her determination develop right before my eyes. Another thing that is really cool is to watch Lindsay’s response to her parents. She really lights up in reaction to them. The unconditional love exudes out of that little girl. It’s at this stage that Lindsay and other little children don’t know or care if their Mom and Dad are rich or poor, strong or weak, black or white, republican or democrat, ugly or good-looking, fat or skinny. The baby just loves them. I believe that is the kind of love that the Lord commands for us to have when He says that we must come to Him like little children. We are to love God with our whole heart, totally worshipping Him in love…just like little Lindsay does with her parents. As Lindsay gets older, more self-sufficient, and colored by the world, there will be a day when some of the aforementioned items (and more) will matter to her. In those days the reflection of her training in Right by her parents will reveal its fruit. Lindsay already begins the journey of yes and no, right and wrong. In that respect, she joins us in the journey of hoping to always come to her parents and God in love, as little children.

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