Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Perhaps you heard about the Colorado second grade boy who got pepper sprayed by the police. The boy, Aidan, spit at teachers, cursed at them (with words a second grader shouldn’t know), and threatened to stab them with a broken stick. Although police have been able to talk Aidan out of his “tantrums” before, they needed two doses of pepper spray to get him to surrender this time. Afterwards, Aidan commented, "Just kind of like whenever anybody upsets me, like I just kind of want to tear them apart... I think it's not ever going to go away... It's just who I am." Okay…so the pepper spray got him to settle down and act “normally.” Obviously, Aidan has a pepper deficiency and all he needs is more pepper in his diet!! Actually, is a behavior really uncontrollable if the person becomes under control after being pepper sprayed? Did the pepper spray reconnect his circuits or did it break his will to display unwanted behavior? People have real psychoses but too many have just plain bad behavior resulting from poor discipline. Discipline begins at home and it obviously begins before second grade!!

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