Saturday, April 16, 2011


Does God intercede on our behalf or does our free-will choices leave us on our own? I believe God lets us choose about anything in life we want to do, good or bad. After all, we are not His pre-programmed robots. We are spirits who are free to love or hate, give or take, smile or frown, etc. Yet, Christians have an opportunity to have the Holy Spirit as a Counselor: A constant companion. In that regard, we have a personal advocate who will lead us in ways of righteousness if we let Him. If you remember Pillar Five, it is to thank God at least ten times a day. Becoming thankful for even the little things in life makes our alliance with God even tighter. In that regard, God acts and intercedes on our behalf constantly. Does that mean God will always make life go the way we think it should go? Not at all. If it was up to us no-one would ever die. On the other hand, God awaits our reunion in heaven. The mind of man and God are different. God understands us but we will never know the mind of God on this side of eternity.

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