Monday, April 4, 2011


As Lindsay demonstrated while eating, not everything if life goes down as we want. In fact, too many things are downright sour. But that is just part of life. We make the best of plans or have the best on intentions when thing go astray. As it has been said, it’s not the number of times we knocked down that matters, it the number of times we get back up. Hopefully, we get up one more time than we get knocked down.

To be successful individuals, family members, parents, children, and citizens, we should mindful of the above concept. It is tempting perhaps to just stay down when life gets the best of us. Life has a way of playing for keeps and it can negatively affect our outlook and attitude. We naturally seek that state of rest and peace but happiness is often only found at the end of a journey. In fact, if we are apathetic and refuse to engage the process, life will bowl us over. If we want to stay emotionally and mentally healthy, we can never sit for very long in one place. Just like a baby learning to crawl, we have to keep moving despite the lack of progress at first and the tendency to fall over. Life is full of challenges, sour faces, baby crawls, and times we fall over. We have to keep going though if we are to be successful in life’s journey.

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