Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A guy told me that he and his wife were at the mall. As always, he went his way in JC Penney and she went hers. While wandering around the guy came across a girl that he thought he recognized from back home in Jacksonville, FL. Finally, he asked her if she was the person he was thinking of from high school 22 years earlier. She was. They said hello and then went on their way. His wife came over to him a few moments later and asked, “Who’s the bitch?”

Later that day, Eileen and I were out shopping when a guy told us about calling a repairman to fix their dishwasher. The service call was over a hundred dollars to dislodge an animal cookie out of the water mechanism. Knowing his wife would be mad at him for calling a repairman for such an easy repair, he made up a story about there being something wrong with a hose and pump.

I suppose people truly live like this but I hope all of us are much more cordial, decent, and honest than this with our spouses…and everyone. I realize that it takes two to make a relationship work but we might be surprised at the way a sustaining and wholesome love can melt the disharmony in another. Simple love is an amazing blessing. I know that Eileen has made a big difference in me…and if I can be melted, anyone can!!

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