Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Finally then, we can look at our lives as primarily lived in the spiritual realm or in the worldly realm. In the worldly realm, “self” and our primal animal instincts of survival are paramount. In other words, we look out for “number one” in practically everything we do. Even when we do something for someone else, we’re doing it for what someone will think of us or for what will make us feel good. Further, in the worldly realm we are primarily concerned with our wants and needs as the world has defined them and has awakened us to.
On the other hand, there is the spiritual realm. It is primarily concerned with Right. Thus, regardless of what we may personally want or desire, we seek what is right, honorable, and true. This is the realm in which we will lay down our self, pride, ego, desires, wants, and even our life for what is right.
We all migrate between the spiritual and worldly realms. Therefore, the real question is - - - which realm do we spend most of our time in, especially when life presents its worst challenges or we are having a bad day? That answer is what defines the true nature of our character and the true realm from which we operate: It defines who we really are.

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