Friday, July 16, 2010


Reality set in at 8:45 Thursday morning. That is when Eileen’s mom headed back to Illinois with a son and his wife. Eunice’s visit was a quick two weeks and we really enjoyed her visit. She was a very big help and a real pleasure to visit with. One can gain a lot of wisdom in 84 years and she certainly has. Eunice is always fascinating to talk with.
I must have caught a bug at Eileen’s doctor’s office Wednesday. Especially with my lowered resistance, I don’t like going where there are sick people or concentrations of people. Although Eileen goes to a women’s clinic, it’s still a germ filled habitat for people with my resistance levels. Anyway, I’ve been fighting something all Wednesday night through today. I’m supposed to report anything to the doctor which doesn’t clear up right away. I’ll see how it goes but I’ll be careful not take any chances with something setting up permanent residence in me.

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