Saturday, July 31, 2010

Clock of Life

Well, the liner of our swimming pool was old and getting holes in it. It was time to replace it. However, we’ve considered for quite a while to just fill the pool in. We don’t use it all that much anymore as compared to the tending it requires. I especially use the pool sparingly as the water has to be warm for my arm and even then I don’t swim much because of swimming’s impact on my arm. Eileen is only moderately comfortable in the water and our daughter uses it less and less too. Further, if I’m not feeling well, the pool still has to be tended to. If I didn’t tend to it, it would put more upon Eileen to do, especially in the years to come. So, we decided to fill it in rather than replace the liner. The pool was nice while we had it but especially since personal energy is a commodity these days, we’d rather expend our energies on items other than on pool maintenance.
Life is full of choices and changes; cancer has precipitated even more of them than we were ready to make. Even without that, various stages of life also present us with choices and changes. I think we would have made the same pool choice even if cancer wasn’t complicating the picture. It was just time. There are choices and changes that we all have to make as the clock of life ticks forward.

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