Saturday, July 24, 2010

Health Update

Eileen continues to do better although she has times when she doesn’t feel as well. She is definitely much stronger and it takes more for her to decide to sit back and take it easy. Eileen is quite careful to avoid the movements which are forbidden for her but she certainly fully utilizes the maneuvers she is allowed. Never too far is away is our youngest daughter who cheerfully helps in every way she can.
As for my status, I’m not really sure what to report other than that my symptoms are very erratic and unpredictable. That is probably the hardest thing in dealing with the pain. It’s hard to stay on top of it when the pain exacerbates when I’ve done little and is quite tolerable when I’ve been more active. For example, for the past couple of weeks, even brushing my teeth with my right hand for a moment sets my right arm off big time. Yet, on Monday I worked in the yard doing things which normally keep me from sleeping for a few days... but my arm had a rather tame response. It makes it hard to know what to mentally prepare for. I'm now on an additional prescription pain killer. I sure don't like more chemical concoctions going in me but I needed to do something.
My stomach is misbehaving more than it has in several months. I’m not sure what is going on there. However, my leg cramps and bone pain are mysteriously somewhat better. I don’t need to know why; I’m just thankful for the decreased pain and aggravation, especially when trying to sleep. My fatigue is fairly pronounced although I think some of it is from being laid back too long. We were gone for a week and then I did little for the following two weeks while Eileen was recovering. Now that I’m going again, I have to regain my stamina. Overall, we’re doing well.

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