Sunday, July 18, 2010

Battle Attitude

I think my bug is gone and I’m back to my normal. Especially after today, I should be able to start the week with only my usual battles.
Speaking of battles, none of us like battles, especially battles of life and death. However, we learn a lot about ourselves in the midst of life’s battles. We learn something about our inner strength, patience, and even our grumpiness. Not only that, but battling also gifts us with perseverance, perspective, and it matures us. Battling also gives us an opportunity to bypass the usual avenues of whining and complaining, and instead seek to live life on a higher plane. Anyone can whine; it takes a strong sense of purpose to elevate above it. One thing is for sure; we all have battles of one sort or another. We can either focus on the actual battles or on the victories within the battles.
In the battle of life and death, we will all lose the battle for life at one point or another. That’s not in question. The question is what attitude and perspective will we carry when the battle gets tough. That’s when the “real us” and our “true attitude” is likely to be revealed. It’s never too early to choose the attitude we live with, and yes, likely will die with. Our attitude is ours alone to choose; we should choose it wisely and nurture it, for it is the attitude we will live with and ultimately enter eternity with.

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