Monday, July 19, 2010

Attitude and Health

I’m not sure we can underestimate the importance and power of our attitudes. They basically define everything from our personality, character, and demeanor to our mental health. I watched a bit of T.V. this weekend and repeatedly saw a commercial which claimed that one in six people suffer from mental illness. Maybe you have seen the commercial; adults in white tee-shirts wear the name of their illness. We know we can’t pin mental illness on a “bug” going around. So, why are more and more becoming afflicted? I’m not sure but it’s not mere coincidence that those who have great attitudes don’t have too much mental illness, while those with negative attitudes and perspectives do. As we mentioned yesterday, our attitude is ours alone to choose. Those moment-by-moment choices define who we are, the tides of our lives, the state of our spirit, and our emotional welfare. Again, we should choose our attitudes and perspectives very wisely, rather than let our emotional reactions define us.

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