Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Within us, there is the battle between living in the animalistic realm or in the spiritual realm. In the animal realm we live according to our instincts and what seems natural to us. The very same thing our pets do. In the spiritual world we seek to do what is Right regardless of what our natural instinct, personal habits, or upbringing might predicate us to do. For example, our animalistic tendencies desire for us to seek revenge for a wrong done against us, while in the spiritual realm we extend forgiveness. Likewise, the animalistic realm desires for us to strike out at an offender, while the spiritual realm may have us turn the other cheek. The animalistic realm may have us seek cover when things aren’t going well; the spiritual realm has us stand for right or confront a wrong.
We can never maintain a healthy attitude and a spiritual perspective as long as we hold antipathy towards another. The two are incompatible. Thus, we have to make a choice: We choose to either hold onto the pains and resentments we have towards others, or we can choose to have healthy attitudes found only in the spiritual realm…but we can’t have both. Oh sure, we can shift between the two worlds depending on the circumstances. We have a great attitude when things are going good and have a bad one when things aren’t going our way. But what is that? Even the worst among us do that.

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