Saturday, July 17, 2010


Eileen continues to do better and better. As a friend suggested, it might be harder to keep her quiet now that she is doing so well and it has been confirmed by the doctor. Yet, the doctor emphasized the things Eileen needs to be cautious about so that a problem doesn’t develop. Eileen still gets intermittent pain here and there amongst the surgical sites but it’s neither continuous nor severe. Hopefully that will remind Eileen that she has healing yet to do. Thank you for your prayers for her too.
As for me, after sleeping most of the day I feel like the bug is about conquered. I still feel weak and a bit queasy but I don’t feel so sickly. In fact, I worked on our sink drain and shower head today. That took some of the starch out of my sails but I’m doing well enough. Over all, I’m doing fairly well too. Beside the normal torment of my arm, my legs have gone in full reverse. In fact, they are too sore to even work on right now. My stomach has been behaving somewhat. Instead of constant pain, it has been intermittent. I’ll continue to take it easy this weekend, as I have since Eileen’s surgery, before starting back to a more normal schedule and activities next week.

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