Sunday, May 1, 2011


I wrote these blog posts last Tuesday evening. I finally felt a little spunk in my system and so I thought I better write while my mind was clear enough. Before this gush of energy I wondered if I’d write any blog posts for the time we’d be in Illinois. We’ll be back late tonight and so I’ll write tomorrow’s ahead of time too. On Tuesday I hope to report first hand that Eileen’s mother is recovering very well from her broken hip. She has been making great strides for an eighty-four years old woman. For her mom though, the progress has not been fast enough. Just last summer she was operating the tiller in the garden and tending to the garden each day. She may have to make some modifications to her garden work this year. I also hope to report that I did quite a bit of driving with a clear mind!! Don’t worry; if I’m fogged up I won’t drive. It’s not that I couldn’t but I wouldn’t want to put the family and others at risk. Actually, I just hope to have a coherent and conscious visit. I’m going to leave the heavy duty drugs at home and see if that makes a difference. I’d rather battle nausea and pain rather than sleep my life away. Yet, I don’t even know if the drugs are what did it to me. Anyway, I know I’ll suck it up if at all possible.

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