Monday, May 30, 2011


As odd as it may seem, this is the first blog post I’ve written in a couple of weeks. The ones you’ve been reading daily iLesson Learnedn this span were written in two days. Whether it is because of my stomach or arm, I often spend some time in a semi-conscious state while trying to get to sleep. It is in this state that blog ideas sometimes come to me. I’ll ruminate on the thoughts for a little while before writing their main ideas down on a notepad I keep next to the bed. If I don’t force myself to fully wake up and write them down, I usually forget the concept by morning or I lie there and process the thought so much that it makes it harder to get to sleep. Once I write it down, then I can let it go. I may do this process three or more times on a given night, not every night, but whenever the topics are flowing. Although I currently have a few new blog concepts on my notepad, I thought this might be a good time to update you on my personal happenings.

I still tire quiet easily. It’s nothing for me to sleep twelve to fifteen hours on a given day. That’s not every day but if I push myself very much then I’ll have a lengthy down time. It makes me wonder just how anemic I am these days; I’ll find out soon enough I suppose. Anyway, I feel like that much sleep is such a waste of good productive hours. I’d rather watch grass grow than to sleep that much!!

We’re going to a wedding next weekend. I very much dislike the thought of being in a room filled with coughing, hacking, and sneezing people, considering my immunity concerns, but some things a person needs to do. Maybe everyone at the wedding will be in good health!!

I made a big Gleevec mistake last Wednesday evening. I didn’t drink as much fluid with my Gleevec as is prescribed and it set my muscles into a mighty cramp. My muscles, especially in my legs, are in a constant state of mild contraction anyway. The cramps that hit me Wednesday night were unbelievable. The worst of it was centered in my hip, well okay, in my right buttock. I couldn’t walk, sit, lie down, or anything without it screaming at me. It stayed cramped for a little over a day. Eileen worked on the muscle and helped me stretch it out as much as possible. Now, it’s just quite sore but I can deal with that. Muscle cramping is a significant problem with people on Gleevec even if they drink enough fluids. It can get so bad that patients have to take a break from the Gleevec. Anyway, lesson learned!!

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