Monday, May 9, 2011


It’s good to be home although I think the trip out to my father’s burial site was very beneficial. It seemed to settle something deep within. I also enjoyed the time I spent with my older brother. Back HomeThe two hour time difference between Las Vegas and home wasn’t too much of a problem although it did kind of mess up my schedule with the medications. However, I’m none the worse for it. I am quite tired and weary. I’ve not gone that many days without a nap, in addition to sleeping poorly, in a long time. A few days of recovery at home and I hope to be as good as before. Nevertheless, I also missed being home. I’m thankful to have a wife who welcomed my trip to my father’s burial site, even though it put more household responsibility onto her for a few days. However, I won’t be surprised if that is my last trip out there. It’s a long way out there and a bit of a hard trip to make in a few days. Although I periodically traveled without Eileen during my professional career, I now find it even harder to do. The experiences just aren’t the same without her there to share them. In addition, Eileen’s selfless loving energy always abides wherever she is, and that is hard to leave. In fact, our family thrives on her tremendous nurturing spirit and leadership. It’s great to be back at home where I naturally belong.

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