Friday, May 13, 2011


God and Country

A lot of effort and political haranguing is going into making a homogenous United States of America. It has been a long process, riding the persistent drumbeat of the liberal minded. Beginning in the youthful years, the natural inner drive to persevere, endure, excel, and win has been replaced by the “everyone is a winner” and everyone gets a trophy mentality. The truth of the matter is life is full of winners and losers. We have substantively neutered this great nation by rewarding mediocrity, laziness, and apathy. Government handouts are not only a drain on those who actually pay taxes, but handouts dampen the innovation of the human spirit. We are becoming a nation of poorly motivated recipients.

Our Christian potency has also been greatly sterilized in this nation. Whereas the Judeo-Christian moral was the backbone of American law, tradition, and the family, it too has been homogenized into not only other religions but into the secular world. Thus, Christianity has lost its identity as the purveyor and adjudicator of American life. The icons and ideals of Christianity are constantly being removed in this country.

The systematic and purposeful homogenizing of America and Christianity is rendering us into a country without a central identity. What did it used to mean to be an American? What does it mean to be an American today? What will it mean in time to come? President Obama said that America is no more exceptional than any other nation. That will be a shame if it comes true. America has been the beacon of freedom, faith, and hope to the world over. Yet, enormous political effort is being expended to make us into just another country. Too many in positions of leadership don’t want us to be a superpower; they want all countries to be viewed equally. In their view, America stands for nothing better than China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, or anyone else. It seems odd that they would want us to surrender who we are just so we can be as miserable as others, rather than us lead other countries to freedom, faith, and prosperity. We shouldn’t jump into the quicksand so that we are all in the same predicament. We should keep our feet on solid ground for as long as God sees fit to bless this nation.

Being an American needs to mean something to every one of us. It should carry a responsibility that defines everything from our work ethic to our moral authority. Voluntarily bowing down to other nations is not an act of humility. It’s an act of acquiescence to other worldly values, saying our values are no greater than the world’s. It is as if we are bowing our flag and Bible to other nations. Americans need to rise above the forces seeking to homogenize us. If we lose our unique identity as Americans, we will have voluntarily surrendered the great trust and responsibility God gave us in blessing this great nation. We will have let our own politicians do what no warring nation has ever been able to do… defeat the American ideal. Americans have always stood for God and Country but both are purposely being diminished as identities in this nation. In the news today, an Orange, Massachusetts, elementary student was told he couldn’t display his drawing of an American flag because it might offend someone. So, what is it that we stand for?! What do you stand for?!


  1. Hmmmm, you discuss christian values but with far more concern for this country, the US since Jesus was a man with no home, poor with only the clothes on his back, feeding the hungry...not concerned if they were mediocre or lazy. He despised the money lenders defiling the temple. His concern was for 'people' and saving them and, hopefully, their souls. His concern was NOT about a 'country.' No doubt if Jesus were walking the earth today the majority of americans would scream, "Crucify Him". The so-called Christian values make me sick! They have little to do with Christ. BTW, I am an american female.

  2. Joanne,
    I think you misunderstand. I am not comparing the importance of Jesus or America. I make the point that this is a nation which has been greatly blessed by God, and that as a nation, we are losing our identity as a Christian nation...discarding a divine blessing. Lose this Christian nation and you'll witness what the worldwide persecution of Christianity is all about. Further, I use the term Christian values to mean those values which are supposed to identify a Christian...our fruits as seen as a by-product of the condition of our heart.