Thursday, May 19, 2011


I watched the news clip of another beating. The video was taken by a bystander. We’ve all seen them whether the beating is by Beatings and Fightspolice, an angry person, or a bully. They are commonplace. The thing that continually strikes me is that rather than bystanders helping to stop the beating, they all pull out their phones and start filming!! Just last week a teacher was roundly criticized for not stepping in to stop two girls who were fighting. I watched that video too.

I understand that it is dangerous to step into a fight. Who knows, one of them might be high on drugs, armed, or a lot stronger than you. Besides, I think there is a difference between a beating and a fight. A beating implies that an overmatched person is almost defenseless and being beaten beyond submission. If the person’s life or serious injury is at issue, rather than ten people pulling out their cell phones, perhaps they ought to drag the guy off the other. In the case of a fight, perhaps the best thing to do is pull out the cell phones!!

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