Friday, May 6, 2011


I couldn’t get to sleep last night so after what seemed like hoursUp and Away I grabbed my pillow and headed for the couch. I eventually fell asleep. A little while later I began to hear noises. I woke up enough to barely maintain consciousness while I tried to figure out the noises. Not able to, I woke up a little more. I still couldn’t figure the noises out so I let myself become fully awake. As I listened intently, I finally determined the source of the noises. It was my stomach!! There are times that my stomach has caused me to wake up because of pain or nausea but waking up to the sounds of the war in my stomach is a new one. I suppose it goes to show that I wasn’t sleeping too deeply. Even so, I wasn’t able to sleep much more through the night.

I’m writing this blog post Thursday morning. My brother and I leave for Arizona this evening. I have a few things I want to get done before I leave but a nap will have to be worked in there somewhere. My grass hardly grew for two weeks but after the rain on Tuesday it has really taken off. Anyway, I didn’t write blog posts ahead of time for this trip. I anticipate having internet access so I’ll be able to make my blog posts daily. For now, it’s up, up, and away!!

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