Thursday, May 12, 2011


If we didn’t know better, we might think that the world will end vFlood Stageia floods. The recent tsunami in Japan and now the flooding through the Mississippi River Delta tends to point to a watery end to it all. But this isn’t the end; it is a nightmare for many people. Can you imagine having your home and belongings washed away by raging waters? Most people don’t have flood insurance to cover these once in a lifetime water levels. Whatever it is that you may felt led to do to help out some of these people would surely be appreciated. It’s good to see many church organizations from our area going into the Alabama area ravaged by tornados. We may not individually be able to do much but relief organizations are at the scenes and will be going through their resources very quickly. One of our innate reasons to give and help is because of the way it makes us feel. Besides offer our prayers, this is one of the times that we can do something for others and ourselves at the same time.

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