Sunday, May 8, 2011


To all the mothers…Happy Mother’s Day!! I’ll spend Mother’s Day traveling back home. We’ll leave the hotel about 8am local time and arrive in Pensacola at 9pm. We have a layover of a couple of hours in Atlanta.

My brother and I spent the early morning writing blog posts before checking out of our hotel in the Bullhead City/ LauReturning Homeghlin area. Heading back to Las Vegas, we stopped to do a little rock climbing among ancient Indian petroglyphs. The Indian writings were interesting and the climbing wasn’t as easy as when I had climbed there many years ago!! The temperature was 97 degrees but again it didn’t feel like it. The dry heat was still hot but didn’t feel too bad, although it can sap a person pretty fast. I found some shaded areas where the temperature was noticeably cooler.

After arriving back in Las Vegas, we stopped at a ChPawn Starseesecake factory before going to the pawn shop featured on the TV show “Pawn Stars.” The store was in a tough side of town and had a lot of people like us: Gawkers. We took pictures and looked at the numerous items for sale. Most of the items were rather unique and expensive. I would go back though; their inventory was very interesting. Neither of us bought anything.

Again, to all the Mothers…Happy Mother’s Day.

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