Friday, May 27, 2011


I know it’s taboo to talk about homosexuality but I can’t write about speaking up and then remain silent in my blog on one of the Forbidden Topicmost defining topics of our time. Why is it taboo? It’s because families are being affected by it with increased incidence. No one wants to make our own kids or a friend’s kids wrong, so we slowly accept it and move on. Even in spiritual circles, people choke on saying that homosexuality is wrong.

A friend who has been married over fifty years had the courage to tell an Episcopal priest that she disagreed with his affirmative view of homosexuality. In the course of their discussion, he asked her when it was that she became a heterosexual. He obviously wanted her to say she didn’t choose it to which he would say that homosexuals don’t choose it either. However, she had an inspired answer. She responded that she became a heterosexual when she decided to lie down with her husband. The extension is that a homosexual decides to be homosexual when he/she decides to lie down with someone of the same sex.

Let’s be clear; homosexuality is no worse of a sin than many others. The problem is that God calls it a sin and we are saying it is not. In other words, we are overruling God; we are acting as the god above God. That’s the problem with the homosexual agenda. It takes what has always been wrong and has now transformed it into something which is not only accepted but regarded as normal. In many states it is mandated to be taught in schools as normal human behavior. Christians should rebuke this notion and call it what it is: Sin.

That brings us to the typical saying, “God loves the homosexual as much as the heterosexual.” That’s to say God loves the adulterer as much as the faithful person, and the murderer, etc. That’s to say that God always loves the sinner just not the sin, therefore, there is never really judgment or consequences. That is to say we can do anything we want because God will love us the same no matter how we disregard Him. I say… don’t bet on it. If you spend any time in the Bible at all, you’ll see that God not only dislikes but hates willful and wanton disobedience regardless of what the sin is. Willful disobedience shows that man chooses his ways over God’s. That never has a good outcome. Far better is it to be living any sinful lifestyle seeking to get one’s life straightened out than it is to be the person countermanding God by saying it is no longer a sin. Further, simply put…as any parent, God always love us but God also says, “He who loves me obeys me.” Here’s the deal: Our eternity isn’t based on whether God loves us; that’s a given. Our eternity is based on whether we obediently love Him!! Purposely disobeying God is to deny God, to not love Him. That is the problem.

In all of our casualness and political correctness, we’ve lost what holiness really is. We’ve lost that we are called to live holy, contrite, and pious lives. We seem to think that we can live however we want and God will just have to suck it up. We might want to remember that God’s holiness is a natural consuming fire to those who willfully disobey and a refining fire for those who are obedient.

Will an unrepentant homosexual go to hell? No more than an unrepentant sinner of any kind will, and no less. That’s not our call. That which is our call is to seek to live obedient lives while rejecting sin. Besides, if Osama bin Laden isn’t going to hell, how can any of the rest of us possibly be so condemned?!!

If anyone turns a deaf ear to the law, even his prayers are detestable. (Proverbs 28:9)

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