Thursday, May 26, 2011


After being taken to task for mentioning our nation so much in my blog posts, I thought it might be a good idea to address the topic.

I view a nation to be a group of people with similar beliefs; our nation is not some inanimate object. It’s people. These people goNationistic Viewt their start in this nation rallying behind a set of core beliefs which were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Perhaps for that reason or another, God has blessed us to be a great nation. If we study the Old Testament, we learn that God’s nations were very important to Him. He blessed them, protected them, chastised them, and punished them. Since God is the same yesterday, today, and always, we can expect the same thing for this nation based on our faithfulness and obedience…as a nation. Therefore, when our military fights to protect our freedoms, our freedoms are not just some random articles of American preference. They are liberties and blessings granted to us by God. Our military doesn’t just fight for and our country doesn’t just stand for a series of stars and stripes on a piece of cloth. Our country itself is a testament to the blessings of a Godly nation.

The problem is that little by little our country is becoming less Godly. We are becoming less of a representative of God to newer generations and to the world. Instead, we are becoming a politically correct nation which wants to stand for anything even if it is wrong, bad, or unGodly. Thus, we are losing our identity…our identity as a Godly nation. This is important because if God withdraws His hand from us, we will see a chaotic and calamitous end to a once great and blessed nation.

Then there is the famous third chapter of the Book of Joel in the Bible where God says that in the end times He will gather all nations and judge them. Among the famous items we will be judged for is dividing Israel and scattering the Jews.

A person also said to me that they believe that if Jesus was in America today that a majority of us would scream, “Crucify Him; crucify Him!” That may be true about some but I’m more concerned about the rest of us who would just sit back, close our eyes, and let it happen. These are the same ones who sit back and watch kids get molested by pastors, watch the Church turn a blind eye to homosexuality and cohabitation, watch the churches become politically correct to the detriment of Scriptural truth, watch our public officials strip prayer and Christian representations from public places, etc… and never say a word.

As far as I’m concerned, you can measure some of God’s patience with the whole world by what happens in this nation and Israel. If any two modern nations have had the blessings and protections of God it is these two. What happens in America is important because it’s an important gauge as to what’s happening with the nations around the world. Nations which will one day be judged.

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