Monday, May 2, 2011


Today’s blog post is a chronicle I made while gone to Illinois.

Thursday Night It’s 9:26pm on Thursday night and we’ve arrived at Eileen’s mom’s (Eunice) house. She is already in bed as expected and I’ve already showered the trail dust off. Our 16 year old daughter drove the first hour to the interstate and then about another half hour to a rest stop to change drivers. She did great. I got behind the wheel with great trepidation about how long I would last but I drove two hours before needing to rest. I began driving again just before Nashville. Eileen was getting pretty tired from staying up getting all her master’s homework done before we left. The traffic in Nashville was crazy and most of the traffic along the way was heavier than expected for a Thursday, especially the way gas prices are. Otherwise, we took our time at gas and food stops, not pushing too hard. I drove the approximately five hours from Nashville to Eunice’s house. Even now, I feel pretty good. Eileen commented that it was good to hear me joking and playing around again. I admit that I sort of get rather quiet when the fight gets tough. One more thing for tonight. Our younger son who played professional baseball got word today that his league championship ring is on the way. Although I’m mainly a Cardinals and Braves fan, I’ll have to pull for the Phillies too for the way they treated our son. Even though he retired before the season was over, the Phillies felt his contributions to the team warranted a league championship ring. Above is a picture of the ring he’ll get.

Friday Morning We slept in and I was glad. I slept okay but not great. I get somewhat used to the deep ache in my arm but I’m not used to the sharp stomach pains. Right now though, my stomach is uneasy and nauseated but no sharp pains. That’s good. I am amazed at how well I’m feeling considering the long trip. I wouldn’t have guessed it but I’m not complaining and I’m VERY thankful. I was dreading this trip but now I’m glad we’re here. Maybe it was just a phase I went through and I’m in the clear for a while.

Friday Night If I was at home right now, there would be so much that I’d get done. Besides a nauseated stomach and an aching arm, I feel great. My energy is much better and I’m feeling human again. As distressed as I may have sounded last week, in comparison to right now, I could have sounded even worse!! Instead of feeling totally zapped all the time, I feel like doing something. My energy eventually leaves me but it does it all at once and then I go lie down. After my nap today, it was easier staying awake too. All in all it has been a great Friday. Eileen’s mom (Eunice) is healing quite well from surgery for her broken hip. It’s been three months and she walks around the house without the aid of a cane or walker. Her leg is still fairly sore and she can’t be as active as she’d like. Other than that, she seems to be making a wonderful recovery, especially for an eighty-four year old woman.

Saturday Morning It took a long while getting to sleep last night but I slept fairly well once I did. I feel pretty well this morning too. Eileen’s family will gather at Eunice’s house at lunch time and through the day. It will be a busy day and into the night.

Saturday Night The house has gone quiet and I’m about to go to bed. I didn’t take a nap today and I can really tell it. My stomach has been fairly good all day but my arm is being a bit of a bear. It hurts in my wrist, up through my arm, and on up into a headache. It’s not severe but it’s a major nuisance; I should be able to get to sleep. We’ll head home in the morning.

Sunday Night We arrived home safe and sound. I didn’t sleep well last night and was sick this morning but felt better as the day progressed. Now, I’m just tired and worn out. Nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t fix!!

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  1. Nice ring. At first I thought it might be Steph's class ring and I thought "boy, they're sure getting fancy." It's nice they did that. He was a good team guy for them and it's good to see they appreciate it.