Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Lord’s Prayer has a part which says, “Lead us not into Deliver Ustemptation but deliver us from evil.” What is this evil that the Lord speaks of? Was evil just in Jesus’ time and is no longer pertinent today? After all, in today’s world we just seek to all get along with everyone and everything. Wherever evil might be, we just try to get along and not upset it.

It’s hard to avoid the insidious evils of this world if we are hesitant to even use the word. Indeed, the word shouldn’t be overused, and no, the rude lady at the checkout is not evil. Evil has to do with that which actively opposes good and God. There is a lot of evil in this world. So much so, that the Lord has us pray to be delivered from it. There is evil wherever man opposes God’s Word. It’s throughout this world; it’s in this nation; it’s in our churches; it’s in our towns; and it’s in our families. We need to recognize it for what it is and stand against it. As the saying goes, evil prevails where good men do nothing.

The proud and Godly America that we once knew is slipping away from us. Bit by bit evil is eroding the foundations of this nation and our faith. Christians must stop electing people to public office who promise them handouts but facilitate this erosion. We need people of honor and integrity. We “cannot serve both God and mammon” (money). This nation needs Christians to wake up and speak up that we may pray with our words and our deeds, “Deliver us from evil.”

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