Saturday, May 21, 2011


There are so many miserable people in this most blessed nation. I blame a lot of our misery on secular humanism. The WordThat is, we use our reason, philosophies, and psychologies to govern our lives rather than the word of God. Even as Christians, we often have our own church theologies, traditions, and dogmas which serve as guides instead of adhering to the word of God. As a result, we have problems that we wouldn’t have and shouldn’t have. Many of our problems are self-inflicted as we are captives of our own way of thinking, resulting in all kinds of human dramas and emotional disturbances from general anxiety and depression to behavioral disorders. Meanwhile, the Word of God as reflected in the Bible grows dusty.

The initial chapter of the Book of John is one of the most important chapters of the Bible to grasp. It describes a part of the Trinity by saying that Jesus is the Word of God. Okay then, stay with me. We have God the Father. His Word is personified as Jesus the Christ. The Father’s spirit (love) is personified as the Holy Spirit. Thus the three are in one: The Triune God. For our purposes today, we are going to focus on the Father’s Word made flesh: Jesus.

Putting the two preceding paragraphs together, there is not a philosophy, psychology, theology, or Christian tradition which can supersede or replace God’s Word. Remember, God’s Word is Jesus. Therefore, if we have a way of happiness and success that opposes Scripture, it is not of God. If we have a theology or Christian tradition that opposes or replaces Scripture, it is a blasphemy. Why? To oppose the Word (Scriptures) is to oppose Jesus. Hmmm.

So when God forgives us and sets us free, to stay bound is our own doing and our own folly. When God tells us one thing and we live another, it is our own disobedience. When God says something is a sin or an abomination, to say otherwise is to oppose Him and His Word: Jesus. When God outlines His way to heaven, there is no other philosophy, theology, tradition, sacrament, or anything else that can be substituted. Why not? To change God’s Word is to change Jesus. I don’t think we have that ability or power. How do we get more blessing and less misery? Live the Word of God: Jesus. How do we do that? Learn the Scriptures and be who it says to be.

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