Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

While much of the world was in revelry last night, Eileen and I were alone for about three hours. We didn’t do much, and it was sure nice. Although we don’t crave “alone” time, because we have responsibilities that we take seriously, it is very nice to be alone sometimes. Some people have to have some sort of noise going on all the time. With an active family, that is easily accomplished. However, I think it’s important that we take some alone time to especially connect with our soul. It’s in those alone times that we can best get to know ourselves, warts and all. It’s a great time to take inventory of where our life is headed and the corrections we need to make. Especially now, New Year’s is a great time to start on a new journey to better know God and self. It can be scary; we can be afraid of what we might learn about ourselves and the changes which our conscious mind may demand. We may come face-to-face with things we’ve kept buried within our psyches…and we may awaken to a new direction for our life. Yet, as it is raining while I write this, I’m reminded that everything needs a bath once in a while, especially our inner being.

Speaking of rain, this change of weather and fluctuating temperatures is no friend to my arm. It just adds to an already uncomfortable situation. I went off some of my anti-nausea medicine for a couple of days. Although it was good to see how I can do without it, I definitely need to be on it. In a backwards way, the medicine let me know how much it is helping!! Although I have a significant battle with primarily my arm and then the chemo, I’m always reminded of those who would exchange personal battles with me in a heartbeat…and not just physical battles. I’m well aware of that and thus am sluggish to complain. I write of my symptoms for those who like to keep track and those who are in a similar battle themselves. Much of life is about pushing on regardless of how one feels. It’s about making each day a New Year regardless of what has transpired the day before. So, to everyone for many reasons…Happy New Year!!

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