Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling Better

It’s late Wednesday night and I’m feeling quite a bit better. I’m rather weak and weary but more energetic... if that makes sense. I’ve been in bed more hours than I’ve been out of it in the past two days. By foolishly being where I shouldn’t have been, I caught a bug in the middle of last week. I thought I was pretty well over the bug when we left town. I held up alright over the weekend although I fought fierce fatigue. But I was also so excited to see our daughter that I think my excitement helped propel me through our activities. We toured both Charleston, SC and Savannah, Georgia. We had a great time visiting shops, sightseeing, and walking through the historical districts, etc. It was exciting and beautiful. We also visited the U.S.S. Yorktown, although we didn’t tour it. On the drive home (Monday) my energy started taking a severe hit. After getting home, I was wiped out. It seems that when I’m in my “normal” state that I can keep many of my symptoms at bay, albeit always on edge. However, when I’m down, I don’t have the same mental defense against my ills, and they pour onto me. Therefore, I was not only fighting the residual effects of my bug but I was also fighting my arm, stomach, and legs, etc. I’m not used to sleeping so much in the daytime, for any reason. I sure had some weird dreams!! Anyway, on Tuesday I got out of bed long enough to have lunch with my brother before heading back to bed. Wednesday morning I got up and got ready for a meeting, but my body unloaded on me. I wasn’t sure I could drive. I cancelled my appointment and gave my daughter the option to ride the bus or drive our minivan to school. She took the van. I spent most of the rest of the day sleeping interspersed with nauseating pain, which didn’t help my stomach either. Finally, I got up in the evening and everything seems to be back at a manageable level, except for the weariness and weakness. I’m glad I feeling better and still look forward to an even better tomorrow!!

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