Friday, January 21, 2011

In The Mind

This may be hard to understand for those who haven’t experienced prolonged or intractable pain. However, there is a certain amount of pain which can be suppressed by the mind. It’s not to say that it ever goes away, but it can be suppressed to a tolerable level. The problem is that the intensified pain is never too far away and can easily be incited. But it is amazing what the mind can do. Whenever I’m sick or have to divert a certain amount of mental energy onto something else, then I’m much more susceptible to my ills. That is what has happened in this latest bout. I’m about recovered from my bug but my mind hasn’t got itself fully wrapped around my ills yet. I feel that I’m a day or two away from being back to the normal battle. I’m very much looking forward to that!! I hope this makes sense; it will to those who’ve dealt with chronic pain.


  1. I haven't had to deal with the pain you are dealing with, but I understand what you are saying. Keep the faith and hope you are back to your normal battle soon.

  2. I pray the Lord would ease your pain and energize you with His presence and fill you with His strength. Even in this He is working through you to help others, and we are very grateful to have you as an example and inspiration in our lives as you fight the good fight of life as He intends. Be blessed as you continue to bless us all.