Friday, January 14, 2011


We’re headed out of town for the weekend to visit our daughter. Our son will be staying home taking care of the house and the dog. So, I won’t be posting anything until Monday or Tuesday. We’ll come home on Monday but I hope to get a blog written for Monday before we leave tomorrow. However, I have a zillion things to get done before we make our departure. This afternoon (Thursday) was unexpectedly filled with taking my mom to the doctor and then to the hospital for x-rays. I got her back to her house late in the afternoon. Unless I get many of my tasks done tonight, and I don’t see that happening, it’ll be a heavy push to get out of here on time tomorrow. I’d like to work a nap in before we leave too if possible. So, be safe and I’ll either leave a post for Monday or I’ll write when we return.

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