Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As people clamor for more and more from the government, I wonder how often we stop and ask, “Who is this ‘government’ to which we are bellowing”? Unfortunately, we often presume it to be some faceless entity which is the source of all goodness for Americans. We just have to squeeze it or cajole it enough to give to us what we desire. In reality though, everything we request from the government we are really requesting from our neighbors to give to us...our taxpaying neighbors that is. It seems Americans’ spirit of independence has taken a direct hit and we look to our collective neighbors for our sustenance and comfort. Perhaps we can convince ourselves that, in essence, taking from our neighbors is their charitable obligation to us. Yet, if something is taken from one and given to isn’t charity; it’s taken. Charity is free-will giving as is love. We can no more force a person to extend charity to us than we can force them to love us. Clearly, it isn’t charity or love if it is forced or required. Regardless of what we call it though, it’s our adoptive mentality which is of concern. We’ve adopted the idea that we first turn to others rather turn to ourselves, God, or yes... even do without. This mentality that America is developing, a dependent society --- dependent upon the productive --- is a dangerous trek for us. It has been our, pardon the pun, declaration of independence to be free of dependence on government and others which is at the marrow of this great nation. It is from which charity and a helping hand was a gift from the soul rather than an entitlement from the government and thus our neighbor. Our Lord Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor?” His response was the parable of the Good Samaritan. It wasn’t the parable of the Good Government.

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