Saturday, January 22, 2011

Much Better

I’m doing quite a bit better today. Although some nuisance symptoms from the bug still persist, I feel much better, alert, and among the living. I still haven’t done much today but I at least thought about doing something!! Believe me, that’s an improvement. Although I’ve attended to some important and unimportant items this week, I’ve chosen to let a few things slide. I’ll need to tend to them in the next day or two. Cold weather has assaulted the country again. Granted I perceive it to be cold before most, but there have been some really cold places in the country these past couple of days. Other than my arm, I don’t mind cooler weather but I’m so used to pandering to my arm that my arm determines my weather tolerance. To say the least, this cold weather is a challenge that takes both mental energy and strong pain killers to keep things from going crazy. Sometimes it’s beyond my mind and pain killers’ control. Yet, there are many people who deal with that scenario incessantly. They have no escape unless they are on something like morphine. Even that’s not enough for some. That’s why when I write about my symptoms that I do it with great trepidation. Regardless of how rough I may regularly feel, there are those who would trade with me in an instant. I’m very mindful of them. Even so, I can’t let their untoward circumstances lessen my thankfulness and appreciation that my situation is far more fortunate. Thus, I do relish the blessing that is mine that regardless of how tough it may get, I stay mindful that it’s not as tough as so many have it. There are times that I begrudgingly say that I’m miserable. Yet, I know that my misery relinquishes at some point and doesn’t compare to what others endure, or even what I’ve endured myself in the past. So, today I’m thankful that I’m doing much better and I’m prayerful for those who remain in the doldrums of physical and mental anguish.

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