Saturday, January 8, 2011


Last night as I was falling asleep, Eileen said to me, “You are a good husband.” I should have just said thank you but I didn’t. I responded that I didn’t think so but that I certainly do try to be. Perhaps I have never been extra good at anything, I suppose. However, that certainly hasn’t stopped me from trying. Despite my errors, obstacles, and failings, I’ve always pushed on to try to be who I should be. That may seem sort of simplistic, but oh if simplicity was a little more common in our lives. Too often we just show up for our roles as spouse, parent, Christian, and employee. We don’t actively try to be all we should be. Personally, I think it’s the ones who keep getting back up and seeking (trying) to fulfill God’s ordained roles for us as a spouse, parent, Christian, and employee that I think God especially blesses. We readily say that we aren’t to be sluggards as far as making a living, but we aren’t to be sluggards at our other important roles and responsibilities either. So whatever our lot may be in life, may we always be found trying to get it Right.

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