Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pray for Us...

If you joined us when we started last year reading one chapter in the Bible per day, beginning with Genesis, then you are all the way up to being half way finished with the Book of Jeremiah. Even if you didn't start then, you can start reading today. You won’t cover much at one chapter per day but over time you will…probably a lot more than you ever have before. Anyway, today, I read an interesting passage. In chapter 42 of Jeremiah, the people of Judah went to Jeremiah and made a request. They asked Jeremiah to pray to God for them… so that God would show them the way to go and things they should do. I know that some people have conniption fits over Catholics who basically pray the same prayer: “all the angels and saints pray for me to the Lord our God.” Detractors say that we are praying to dead people. No, don’t all Christians believe that although the body is dead that the spirit lives? Don’t we all (nearly all!!) believe that those in heaven join us in the spiritual warfare that is ours via prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to God? Funny thing, we don’t hesitate to ask another to pray for us but we hesitate to ask those who are the most alive to pray for us…those in heaven marked with the sign of faith.

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