Friday, December 31, 2010


This day, New Year’s Eve, brings two reasons for us to celebrate. There is the obvious ushering in of the New Year, but this is also Eileen’s birthday. Eileen always reads my blog posts… so Happy Birthday!! Eileen’s sister’s family heads back to Illinois this morning. So, we’ll probably spend a little time regrouping and catching up on a few tasks that we’ve let slide over the holidays. Then, we’ll probably spend a quiet evening together, just Eileen and me. There’s a small chance we may spend the late evening with a few friends.

The New Year rings in many resolutions in which we resolve to change all sorts of undesirable habits, behaviors, or life styles. It is said that it takes three weeks to change a habit, so be patient with yourself while being determined to overcome whatever may be your resolution.

I have a request to end this year. I have a good friend who goes for a biopsy on January 3rd. Biopsies are never routine and always carry a degree of apprehension. We pray that her biopsy is negative and her fears are allayed. May her results bring cause for celebration!!

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