Thursday, January 6, 2011


Early morning Wednesday for my arm was as stormy as the weather was outside. However, as the morning progressed the pain relented quite a bit. As I increase the dosage of my powerful pain medication, it seems to always increase my stomach pain and nausea. That’s what I primarily dealt with most of yesterday as my arm pain was becoming tolerable. In the midst of it all, I was able to get some important errands completed. I had some things I needed to get done at home too and so it’s late at night while I’m writing this. Thursday morning, I need to take the car in for some recall work but then I plan on getting some serious rest. My energy level is very low and I’m struggling a bit right now. It’s not just been these past couple of days which have taken its toll; really, it’s been a tough December. Much of the inciting of my arm has either been of my own choosing, like holding my granddaughter, or has been my own stupidity in going outside without enough arm protection. As a result, my systems are starting to struggle. Although I generally push on… fighting pain, cancer, chemo, and anemia eventually forces me resign my adventures for awhile. I am very much looking forward to my rest time tomorrow. Oh yes, I’m fully aware that many people don’t get a rest time from their infirmities; many never escape their intractable pain. I’m very sorry for them; my heart goes out to them. However, it is my blessing that my pain does remit enough for me to rest and recoup…and so I shall…God willing.

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