Friday, January 28, 2011

Handicap Parking

I had coffee yesterday morning with a friend. Okay, I had coffee and an English muffin. As I was getting out of my car, my cell phone fell from its clip which was attached to my belt. The clip had pulled through the phone case like a popped button. The case was torn and there would be no repairing it. My phone is several years old and the battery doesn’t hold a charge very well. So, my friend and I decided to ride over and see if Best Buy had any specials on phones. They did. With a contract renewal I purchased my new phone for one single dollar. But that’s not the story I’m blogging about. We arrived to the store a few minutes before its opening time of ten o’clock. We sat in the car directly opposite the handicap parking but in another row. Soon a car pulled into a handicap spot with a Disabled Veteran license plate. My friend had the audacity to prognosticate that the lady in the car would not be disabled. Soon the lady in her thirties popped out like a rabbit and dashed off into another direction. My friend was right. Then, it wasn’t too much later that another car pulled into a handicap spot. My friend doubted this person too as we watched her hang a handicap placard onto the rearview mirror. I think she saw us watching her; maybe it was my friend pointing at her that gave it away!! Just kidding; he didn’t point. Nevertheless, she just sat there. The store opened and so we got out of the car and walked past her. We stopped at the store entrance and peeked back to see if she was getting out of the car. Not yet. Once secluded inside the store, we stood back, watched, and waited. Soon the young lady in her twenties sprang from her car. In summation, we saw two people pull into handicap parking spots with handicap insignia, but both walking more spryly than either my friend or me!! My friend remarked, “No wonder there are so many handicap parking spots. There needs to be enough spots for the ones who park there but don’t need it!!” I don’t know if you have ever helped someone get out of a car and into a wheelchair or into their walker, but handicap spots are very useful not only for their proximately but also for their width in which to maneuver handicap equipment. I wish we would leave the handicap parking spots to the handicapped and even the close parking spots to the the old people and mothers toting young children. Just because we may have access to a handicap placard or license plate doesn’t mean we should use it, especially when the person it’s intended for is not even in the vehicle.

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