Friday, September 30, 2011


Besides leaving me with a sore throat, my “little bug” from the hospitalSleeping with a bug had me on the run most of the night. When I came back to bed each time, I couldn’t sleep very easily as my systems were still quite upset. Sleeping with a bug in my system has never been my forte. As things started to settle down though, I noticed the silhouette of Eileen fast asleep. For once, she had gone to bed before me. As I lay there at an increased distance from her, careful not to breathe my germs on her, I placed my hand upon her. That little connection started me to thinking. I thought about what a great person she is and how wonderfully she relates to people. I thought of her in her roles as a teacher, mother, and wife. Finally, I thought of how exceedingly blessed I am to have her love and devotion. Next, I thought of our children (including our daughter-in-law and grandchild). I gave them extra individual prayer time as I dwelled on them and the blessing they are. I fell asleep so very thankful of our family blessings.

We probably don’t do that enough…take the time to actually dwell on the blessing that our family members are. It’s good to take time to bathe in the details of their humanity and the way that they navigate through this world. It’s also good to take inventory of their special attributes and the way that they bless this earth. Life is a great challenge and we ought to make sure we take time to count our blessings, especially the blessings of those around us…even if we are sick and sleeping with a bug.

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