Friday, September 2, 2011


Some of you “Dancing With The Stars” fans may have already heard of the controversy. Chaz Bono the only child of Sonny and Cher has been named to the new season. Neither Eileen nor I have everWho are we watched an episode of the show so you can probably tell what prudes we are going to be about Chaz Bono being invited. For those who don’t know, what is Chaz famous for? He/she is famous for having had a sex change (transsexual) operation. She is now a he.

I really don’t care who DWTS invites on their show, but I do tire of the social misfits, freaks, and those in opposition to God’s ways being purposely thrust onto the American public as something to be regarded as acceptable behaviors. But, the question remains: Is being a transsexual sinful? In prepping this blog post, I’ve read all kinds of opinions. Obviously this surgery wasn’t available in Jesus’ time for Him to happen to have commented on. The Catholic Church and other Christian hierarchies hold that transsexual surgery is a sin because it is the mutilation of the “Temple of God,” rejecting God’s given identity, and a whole host of other reasons. After reading all the various reasons of why transsexual surgery is a sin, I had some other questions…based on the same reasoning. Is breast augmentation/reduction for cosmetic purposes a sin? What about butt augmentation, male augmentation, Botox, and other surgical alterations done to the “Temple of God” done for vanity reasons. If these are sins, what about surgical procedures for cosmetic birth defects? Where do these sexual and physical changes and augmentations cross the line of sin? Is it a matter of what degree it’s done…like drinking one beer is okay but drinking twelve is not?

Well, I have no idea how all this shakes out in God’s mind. Nevertheless, when it comes to sex changes and such, I still do not like it being paraded in a way or forum that America is tempted to accept it as normal and acceptable behavior.

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