Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Psalms 1:3 tells us that the blessed man is like a tree planted byLiving Water streams of water. It’s interesting to note the backdrop of which this is written. These streams of water are in a desert. Even today, as one walks in the ancient desert, there is a tree here and there next to a wadi. A wadi is a stream bed which is dry except during heavy rains. So, there are trees along the wadi stream beds and essentially nowhere else. These trees don’t represent where water is always visibly flowing; these trees are evidence that living water has been absorbed by the tree from a source of water not always seen.

Too many times the chief indicator of our Christian faith is found in the cross we wear around our neck or the claim we make when it’s advantageous. The true indicator whether we are planted by living water is by what we exhibit. In the same way that the tree reveals the existence of living water by the existence of its trunk, branches, and fruits, the existence of our Christian values are the testimony of our living water.

We can plant a tree anywhere in the ancient desert but the tree only prospers if planted by a stream of living water. Likewise, people are planted all over this planet but we will only spiritually prosper if we are planted by the stream of Living Water.

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