Friday, September 23, 2011


During economic good times, the government rapidly expands programs that cannot be sustained during economic downturns.Government Greed Families can’t operate like this. A family can’t take on monthly payments that it can only afford during financial good times. When downturns happen to a family, we have to cut back. When downturns happen to the government, they want more taxes from families who are already cutting back. The same is with businesses. They are in a cycle of downsizing to stay afloat. What does the government want to do? Raise their taxes.

The government has an insatiable desire for money. Call it greed if you like. Its programs grow and grow to the point of creating a debt almost beyond our nation’s ability to repay. Whenever people call for cuts in government programs, the weeping and gnashing of teeth begins. It’s as if the government must be fed at all costs.

This isn’t just at the federal level. Local governments have the same mentality. All government taxing authorities are using every conceivable means to get money from us so it can fund its mammoth programs. In California, a couple has been fined 300 dollars for holding Bible study sessions in their home. A repeat offense will cost them 500 dollars. Their offense is having a “religious, fraternal, or non-profit gathering” in a residential neighborhood…without a permit. I guess Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who meet in private homes will be next.

Similar to all the children’s lemonade stands that were shut down this past summer because the kids didn’t have permits, the government is letting its greed get in the way of common sense and decency. Yet, desperate governments have always taken desperate actions. This may be just the beginning.

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