Thursday, September 22, 2011


I saw on our local TV news cast that one of the local high schools made “Pinwheels for Peace.” With so much criticism of our schools for not only what they teach but what they don’t teach, and Eileen being a teacher, I listened closely. One of the interviewed students said, “Pinwheels for Peace teaches that people should be accepted no matter how they dress or how they act.”Pinwheel Philosophy

I hope the student’s statement isn’t the stated objective of the lesson. If it is, these high school students, not middle school, wasted whatever part of the day or days they spent making these juvenile pinwheels. Not meaning to blow their pinwheel ideals apart, but people are in fact judged by what they wear and they are certainly judged by the way they act. If the students dress like Goth and gangsters, like a lot of kids think is cool, they can be expected to judged and treated differently. Further, a person can’t act however he wants and expect that he will be accepted. In fact, prison and hell are full of people whose behaviors aren’t accepted.

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