Thursday, September 8, 2011


In Henry Blackaby’s book, “Experiencing God,” he says that we will never be satisfied to just know about God. Our soul is only Satisfactionsatisfied by personally knowing God. He makes the point that we can know a lot about God, know all kinds of things about God, but still not be a true follower. I’m keen on saying that satan knows all about God but satan doesn’t love Him. I suppose that is the question for us too. Do we just know all about the Bible, God, catechism, and religion etc…or do we have a personal loving relationship with God? If we can never seem to find true satisfaction in our lives, this might be the reason why. It might be time to invest in personal heartfelt prayer. How does one do that? Just talk to God and be sure to throw in a little confession and thanksgiving too.  You’ll find God and satisfaction.

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