Friday, September 9, 2011


It’s been on my mind to share a part of my nightly prayer. First, I want to tell you about my Godmother who I used to drive 25 miles each way to visit in the nursing home during my lunch hour (I had two hours In prayerfor lunch). As she neared death, for some unexplained reason I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Louise, remember me.” Since her passing, I have always thought that she remembers me in her prayers. That might creep some folks out to say that a dead person is praying for me but I believe she is not dead, but alive in heaven. I don’t know what she does all day and all night in heaven but I figure that she spends a part of it offering prayers for us who are living on earth caught up in this spiritual warfare. It’s just that I believe she “remembers” me by name. Still sound creepy?

Well, that’s just part of it because I pray that the “Blessed Mother, Louise, all the angels and saints, and all on earth who are willing to pray for us, pray for my family and me.” I am a fervent believer in prayer. Even if you think I’m being sacrilegious, I hope you will give it a second thought. It’s a real comfort to know people are praying for you.

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