Sunday, September 4, 2011


As we are forecast to get twelve inches of rain from our portion of Tropical Storm Lee, I’m quite aware of parts of the country that really need rain…especially our farm families up in Illinois. RainySome of the earlier forecasts showed the remnants of this tropical storm heading up to Illinois, but now it looks like it will go east of there. Texas is another place that is going through a drought while other areas are getting rain excesses. So, for those who especially need rain for their crops and livelihood, you remain in our thoughts and prayers while we guard against our forecasted deluge.

We went to our youngest daughter’s football game Friday night. She is a drum major in the band. The football team got trampled. Of course we weren’t primarily there for the football game although I like watching football. We were there to watch our daughter. She did great.

I made an early morning run yesterday to get a pallet of sod. With the help of our daughter and Eileen, we got the ground prepped and the sod laid just before the rains really set in. Our son was giving a private baseball lesson. Although I wore a brace on my right arm, my arm just can’t tolerate too much activity. So now, Saturday evening, although it was good to be outside working on the yard project, my arm has been quite upset ever since. Since then, I’ve taken a nap, eaten supper, and now ready to settle in for some college football, as we listen to the rain in the background...remembering those who are in great need of rain.

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