Sunday, September 11, 2011


I generally go for a walk at least three times a week. Eileen comes with me although she often runs with the dog afterwards. Ego and SoulEileen will be running in a 5K race with our oldest daughter and daughter-in-law next weekend. Eileen and I walked a 5K a few years ago that our daughters ran in. I don’t remember our time, we finished together, but there is one thing about the race that sticks out in my mind: the number of “old people” that passed us!! I thought we were walking at a pretty good clip but some of these old folks walk about as fast as I run!! Once in a while there would be one of these old people just ahead of us and we’d set our sights on passing him. A lot of times though, they had more in their tank that we did. I’ve heard similar stories from those who walk or run in races. Nevertheless, as is said, “What is hard on the ego can be good for the soul.”

I’ve been reminded of that saying as I read through the Book of Acts. There are several times that people seek to kneel down to or worship one of the disciples after a miracle is performed, but the disciples stop it. They respond, “We are just humans too.” I’m sure their ego would have liked the praise and reverence, but their soul benefited more from spurning the glorification.

Sometimes we want too much glorification too. We want lots of credit for things we do or even things we don’t do. We like those boosts to our ego. It’s part of the mental survival trait that we think well of ourselves. We should think well of ourselves but it should be in balance. A little ego goes a long way. We should find comfort in the saying, “What is hard on the ego can be good for the soul.” I’ll remind Eileen of that when she runs in the 5K next week!!

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